Cisco 300-475 Exam With Real Questions And Answers – (Dec-2017 Dumps

By | December 6, 2017

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Version: 7.0
Question: 1

Which two statements describe overlay functionality in the Cisco ACI? (Choose two.)

A. Forwarding is not limited to or constrained by the encapsulation type or encapsulation network.
B. Forwarding is limited to and constrained by the encapsulation type of encapsulation network.
C. External identifiers are not local to the leaf or leaf port.
D. External identifiers are local to the leaf or leaf port.

Answer: AD

Question: 2

Service graphs and service functions have which three characteristics? (Choose three.)

A. Service graphs can only consist of a single service appliance.
B. Service graph edges are directional.
C. Taps (hardware-based packet copy service) can be attached to different points in the service
D. Service appliances are dynamically detected and configured when added to a service graph.
E. The service graph restricts the administrator to linear service chains.
F. Traffic can be reclassified again in the network after a service appliance emits it.

Answer: BCF

Question: 3

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What is the requirement to establish connectivity in the Cisco ACI fabric between two EPGs in separate tenants?

A. scope tenant contract
B. scope private contract
C. scope intertenant contract
D. scope global contract

Answer: D

Question: 4

Which network protocol is used for Cisco ACI fabric data plane forwarding?

D. FabricPath

Answer: A

Question: 5

Which two encoding languages are used by the Cisco APIC API? (Choose two.)


Answer: A, D

Question: 6

Which two options are supported by the Cisco ACI contract model? (Choose two.)

A. ether type
B. COS marking
C. TCP source port
D. logging type

Answer: A, C